Sex and the City – Ladies Day Out Volume III – Savory Selections: Wit & Wisdom


In the words of Virginia Woolf, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. Each “Sex and the City: Ladies Day Out” (LDO) dining experience, whether breakfast, dinner, or brunch, is intended to stimulate and delight each of your five senses in an environment intriguing in sight, with socializing sounds, and scrumptous scents, which evoke a culinary temptation to touch and tantalize your tongue.

This LDO restaurant selection has a name most fitting for the diverse and multi-generational group of women attending.  For a group like ours, dining at a spot named “Wit & Wisdom” seems to perfectly blend in with the life experiences and personal stories of these lovely ladies. Called a tavern, though it looks nothing of the sort, this modern American restaurant exudes a uniquely elegant ambiance most fitting for the luxury hotel it resides in.

Named in Baltimore magazine’s “50 Best Restaurants” issue as a Gold Medal winner, this Four Seasons charmer boasts large windows overlooking the harbor, gorgeous waterfront views, and streams of natural light to the dining area.  The chic lobby, breathtaking bar, and classy décor provides the perfect backdrop for rounding out this LDO weekend. Created by award-winning chef Michael Mina, Wit & Wisdom serves “comfort food with a contemporary Eastern Seaboard twist”.

The weekend brunch menu is filled with both buffet and a la carte selections ranging from Brioche French Toast, Farmer’s Market Frittata, and a Smoked Salmon Bar.  The ladies are set to enjoy a picture-perfect Sunday cuisine before indulging in an afternoon of pampering and relaxation at the Four Seasons Spa, located only an elevator ride away!

With a visually stunning layout, intimate settings, and satisfying savory selections, Wit & Wisdom receives H.I.S Incorporated’s Grade A+ rating as a designated dining venue for the upcoming LDO event. For more information on this Harbor East Baltimore restaurant, visit the restaurants website at:

A Wellness Rainshower with 21 Drops – Aromatherapy Modernized


01, 02,03, 04…..21 colorful drops ignite my spirit.  Its more than just a product, it’s a total sensory experience.  From the visually enticing bottles, inhaling the earthy, flowery, natural scents, and feeling the oils permeate your being; to speaking the included bi-lingual affirmations aloud for reassurance to your own ear .  Awww (deep breath), you can almost taste the wellness though there is nothing to ingest.

I first encountered the 21 drops product line several years ago at one of my favorite local spas, The Pearl – Modern Spa & Boutique ( located in Fulton, MD.  The Pearl always showcases amazing products, and on this visit I was introduced to my first 21 drops bottle (Invigorate – 01).  These products are 100% natural and according to the 21 drops website:

“21 Drops captures the incredible power of the purest, most effective essential oils for our therapeutic blends, empowering you to Feel Better. Be Better.”

Since then, my drops inventory has increased substantially (especially since they really work), and I’m only a few bottles away from my own personal Blackjack – having tried all 21!  Of course, there are my repeat users, I hate to call them favorites, because they all serve a specific purpose, but the Immunity – 14, De-Stress – 11, and Headache – 05  blends seem to need re-ordering more frequently than others.

These compact 8.0 ml bottles, outfitted in their own custom jackets, are quite the social trendsetters.  Easy to throw in a purse or your pocket, and utilized by inhalation or topical application, my 21 drops have shown up at work/school (Focus – 09), on the airplane (Immunity – 14), at parties (Hangover – 04 ), walks in the park (Decongest – 15), during workouts (Willpower -19), and in my dreams (Sleep -18).  These aromatherapy oils have pretty much become a permanent part of my lifestyle. When faced with a decision on what to throw in that clutch purse for a night out, or a networking mix-n-mingle, it usually boils down to:  cellphone, keys, ID, lip gloss, money, and 21 drops!

I had the pleasure of meeting 21 drops creator and visionary, Cary Caster,  last year at “The Shift – A Movement Toward Absolute Wellness”, an event hosted at The Pearl – Modern Spa & Boutique.  Cary has a degree in Botany, and studied in Europe where she received her certification as an Advanced Clinical Aromatherapist.  Her “modern approach to aromatherapy” allows a whole new generation of individuals to easily incorporate alternative therapies into their lives.

From physical ailments to unconscious thoughts of the mind, these all natural essential oil therapies cover it all.  Whatever you need, there’s a drop for that! Like a rainstorm from nature, 21 drops shower you with wellness for your mind, body, and soul.  Umbrellas not required!  As the 21 drops website states:

“Simply:  Stop. Inhale. Transform.”

To learn more about this amazing product, and to join the 21 Drops Inner Circle (for rewards, perks, and insights on new products and events) check out the 21 drops website at:   Enter “hisinc” in the coupon code at checkout to receive 15% off your first order!

India K. Robinson – Avid 21 Drops User

H.I.S Incorporated presents: “Operation Tactical Airsoft”


I love for my events to go beyond anything “normal” that one may have encountered.  I like to create experiences that people never forget, experiences that perhaps no one has or will ever experience again.  To do that, as hostess, I myself must create that experience by making it real, by playing the part, and getting into the character for whatever role I need to take on at that time.   This time it was for my event, “Operation Tactical Airsoft”.

It all began by setting the scene and putting out the call:
Calling All Agents!  Are you ready to embark on a unique adventure that tests your tactical skills in close quarters combat??   Ready to strategize with your team members in order to meet the mission objectives and defeat the enemy? Join H.I.S Incorporated for this private agent-ready adventure…let’s get “locked and …loaded”!
If that doesn’t stir up some interest, then this was not the event for you, however, I had 14 brave agents step up to the plate to embark on this new and different adventure.  What is airsoft you may ask?   Airsoft is a military simulation sport, somewhat similar in nature to paintball, where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics.   On our journey, we played out our mission at an indoor tactical airsoft arena, which provided close quarters combat using airsoft replicas in a safe and controlled environment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We arrived, signed our waivers, received our gear and equipment, and it was off to battle!   Friend against friend, husbands against wives, parents against sons/daughters.  Everyone had to choose a side, and fight the good fight!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I’m sure to some the thought of being shot by high-velocity BBs does not sound like your idea of a good time, but in our case, the pain, hollering, and battle wounds we endured made the experience “realistic” and added to the fun memories that were made.  So after games of capturing the flag, team domination, and kill confirmed, all agents walked away victorious in some way.  We all lived to see another day.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           To see some of the action, check out the six part video series on “Operation Tactical Airsoft” by subscribing on YouTube:

H.I.S Incorporated Wishes You a Happy New Year! A Year Of “Grade A+ Experiences”.

Last year H.I.S Incorporated hosted two Mix-n-Mingle events, Deep Creek: The Great Escape, and Skyfall: Covert Operations in Las Vegas. 2014…It’s going to be a great year, so get ready!!

Excited to see what H.I.S Incorporated has in store for 2014?? Currently working on two events: 1) “Sex & the City” – Ladies Day Out Volume III in April and 2) A tropical getaway in November (location soon to be announced). There will also be another DMVC5 Mix-n-Mingle sometime in the spring for all those that like that American Muscle, and may have a few other local events, spa visits, and quick getaways throughout the year!! If your particularly interested in more details about an upcoming event, would like to suggest a H.I.S Inc. sponsored event idea, or would like to hire H.I.S Incorporated to plan your next event/trip, let me know by leaving a comment below!!

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