VIDA Fitness Grand Opening Party at The Yards

Dancers, jugglers, mermaids, music, light shows, sky spotlights.  Big top at the circus you may ask?  Nope.  It was the grand opening party for VIDA Fitness at The Yards in Southwest Washington, DC, the fourth location in the VIDA line-up..  With my fashionably late arrival, the line was wrapped around the block on this chilly Saturday night in the city.   This truly “red carpet” affair brought out an array of fashionistas, from casual chic to Academy Award ready!   This four-level event led you on a self-guided tour of this new facility as you made your way to the spa, food stations, open bars, and a rooftop pool.   Who knew fitness looked quite like this?!!


EXCITING NEWS: H.I.S Incorporated Expands Travel Services

PhotoGrid_1395356169991-1 Colesville Travel_logo

I am very excited to announce that India K. Robinson, H.I.S Incorporated is now an independently contracted Travel Agent with Colesville Travel. Colesville Travel is a full-service travel company with a reputation for excellence in providing the ultimate in value and personal attention for over 15 years. Impressed with my passion for travel and events, combined with my years of experience and dedicated clients, Colesville Travel extended me an opportunity to be a part of their elite team of agents.

What does this mean?
In addition to the already “Grade A+ experiences” the H.I.S Incorporated brand is known for, this business arrangement gives me access to expanded resources, networks, and partnerships within the travel & leisure industry, that will allow me to truly provide that “and much more” to my clients and take H.I.S Incorporated to the next level.

The H.I.S Incorporated standards of quality and service have not changed. As an “independent” travel agent, I still have the freedom to design travel packages and events with the creative vision you have grown to love. From “Great Escapes” to “Ladies Day Out” rest assured that all H.I.S Incorporated sponsored events will provide you with those same memorable experiences to last a lifetime.

If you’ve missed out in the past on various H.I.S Incorporated sponsored events, perhaps due to scheduling, budget, etc., you no longer have to wait for me to plan the “next big thing”. Subsequently, I will also advertise and be your main point of contact for various trips and getaways hosted by Colesville Travel which I feel may be of interest to my client base. These expanded travel services may include NYC bus trips, music festivals, cruises, and international destinations. This allows for more trips and getaways to be offered throughout the year, and more opportunities for you to find one that fits your schedule and budget!

What other services do you provide?
From island beach getaways, all-inclusive resorts, luxury destinations, spa retreats, winter wonderlands, exotic international locations, family trips, girlfriend’s getaways, group travel, couples retreats, escorted and guided tours, adventurous activities, etc., be sure to contact India K. Robinson, H.I.S Incorporated for all your travel arrangements. I’ll work with you to plan an amazing vacation to fit your needs.

How can I contact you?
Please email any travel inquiries to:

To stay “in the know” for future trips, local travel, event photos, travel and product reviews, etc., be sure to LIKE my page on Facebook at: FOLLOW me on Twitter/Instagram: @hisincorporated. SUBSCRIBE to India K. Robinson on YouTube.

I’m also in the process of redesigning my website, so be on the lookout for a website re-launch!

Anything else?
A special “THANK YOU” to all of those that have supported H.I.S Incorporated in the past, and those who continue to support my events and trips. I am excited to enter into this new era and take this passion in what I do to the next level!! I invite you all to come take the journey with me!

Best Regards,
India K. Robinson, H.I.S Incorporated

Pen, Paper, Tablet: Finding My Creative Soul in a Digital World



As I walked around the spa boutique, restocking on favorite products, looking for current sales, and eyeballing newly featured items, I stumbled upon a simple hardbound book.  There was nothing fancy about it, in fact the cover reminded me of a brown paper bag.  But an orange thought bubble graced the cover with the words “THE NEXT BIG THING.” floating inside of it.   Curious, I opened the cover only to find endless blank unruled pages on the inside.   One could imagine it to be a mystical book, like those in the fairy tales and movies where the book once contained pages of lost sacred text, secret memoirs, or magic spells that suddenly vanish or become invisible until the truth-seeker finds a way to decode the mysteries that lie within.  As I looked beyond the canvas of white, I noticed each right-sided page contained a vertical quote in the far right margin. I guessed it must be of some famous philosopher, artist, or great mind, to inspire or motivate you as you filled the pages with “the next big thing”.    I closed the cover back and assured myself I didn’t need a book of blank pages.  After all, with the latest and greatest technology that’s out there, and my own recent purchase of a hybrid laptop/tablet machine, I could just swype, type, touch, and digitize all my thoughts into this virtual notebook…. right?   With the right software and a digitizer pen, I could simulate pen to paper, have unlimited blank pages, an organized virtual notebook of thoughts, and immediate access to the internet for research, and social media for thought sharing, all at the same time….right?   


I opened the book again, and instantly a wave of creative thoughts filled my mind on things I wanted to write on those pages.   Ideas that could never catch a virus, accidently get erased, or be the victim of a hacker or unwanted advertisements.  Blank pages that would always be there for me… faster than your fastest upload, data connection, or any other technical specification.   This book and these pages would stay fully charged indefinitely…using only the power emitting from my own being to remain alive.      

The book spoke to me, no it didn’t talk, it didn’t have to say a word, but my creative soul heard the inaudible whispers and understood perfectly.  Don’t get me wrong, I love technology as much as the next person. and actually consider myself fairly “tech-savvy”, but in less than 2 minutes, standing in a spa boutique, I reflected on the origins of all my poetry, unique ideas, aha-moments, reflections, goals, plans, and manifestations that have graced countless once blank pages throughout my lifetime.  My creative soul has shined on the back of napkins, colored post-it notes, inside spiral notebooks, or within the margins of recycled printer paper.  My creative soul speaks through the pen to the paper.  Like a foreign or alien language, incoherent and incomprehensible to one who gazes upon it, yet a crystal clear translation to the intended receiver.   It was my medium, my tool, my safe and unfailing place to serve as my landing pad before launching into a full-scale digital execution.   It needed me and I needed it.

I picked up the book, carefully tucked it under my arm as I repositioned the other products I was holding in my hand, and headed to the register.   My creative soul was ready for the NEXT BIG THING.


India K. Robinson

H.I.S Incorporated and Digital Crane Photography Partner to Create a “Ladies Day Out” Masterpiece!

PhotoGrid_1395355360636 316541_10150804380035454_273847690_n

For “Sex and the City – Ladies Day Out Volume III”, H.I.S Incorporated is stepping things up a notch.  With an already artistic, timeless, and historic setting with the events Charm City – Baltimore, MD location, and with the “Charm School Prep” and “Animal Print” style themes that will outline our fashion footprint, it only made sense to collaborate with another creative mind to manifest a masterpiece event.

324587_10150932633300454_998064780_o 622207_10152207820015454_1518763494_o

There is something about the eye of an artist, a true artist, that inspires and motivates through their works of art. In the age of high-tech mobile gadgets, quick flick uploads, digital filters, and on-demand imagery, I’m not quickly or easily impressed by “professional” postings.   But, I must admit, my mindset changed once I viewed the work of Digital Crane Photography, whose still images took me to a place far away from the superficial world we live in today and made me feel like I was observing living authentic art in motion.

460535_10151615328355454_320382028_o 1052325_10153020412940454_393427551_o


Digital Crane Photography (aka Dizzy Crane) speaks to you and connects you to the subject and environment in a way that typically I have not experienced when viewing the works of other photographers.  My imagination and visions began running wild, my decision was made. I knew this was something destined from the universe;  to place my Grade A+ experience under Dizzy Crane’s lens……OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!

Originally from the DMV area, Dizzy currently works as a professional photographer in New York City.  Dizzy says his philosophy is: ” to create unique and vibrant images that capture the essence of my subject.  My work is dedicated to art, beauty, creativity, and innovation”. Despite initially picking up photography as a hobby, his talent and experience is clearly reflected in the passion he puts into his work.

256457_10152450780425454_2009154542_o 555822_10152757390195454_962560939_n

Dizzy Crane’s images ignites feelings of self-confidence, independence, sisterhood, joyfulness, invincibility, sophistication, and love.   In each and every image I’ve viewed, his photography captures the essence of women in a classy yet sexy way that explores and successfully reflects all facets of the mind, body, and soul.  This simplistic yet effective approach blends perfectly with the “Sex & the City:  Ladies Day Out” theme, and will uniquely highlight the dynamics of this multi-generational group of ladies, each very unique in their personality and style.

Though we’ve been able to capture some great pictures and videos from previous LDO events, this raises the bar.  I’m confident this collaboration will result in the creation of epic masterpieces that will freeze the sands of time, and generate beautiful visual images of  emotions and memories typically only held and cherished within the depths of your mind.

H.I.S Incorporated…Ladies Day Out… Digital Crane Photography….A Masterpiece in the Making!


View Digital Crane Photography’s amazing work at:

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For H.I.S Incorporated “Happiness is the Truth”

mehappyhat imsohappyhour


I love creating experiences that make people feel good. By identifying the appropriate environment, applying fun themes, engaging laughter, and listening to happy music!! So when presented with the opportunity to host an event at Howl at the Moon in Baltimore, MD, I knew it was time to put on my thinking cap (literally)!

In a world surrounded by so many unhappy, unhealthy, unmotivated, and uninspired people, you have to find a way to shield yourself from the negativity that constantly tries to permeate your soul.   Gathering friends, meeting new people, taking care of yourself, and finding inner peace requires a conscious effort in such an unconscious world. Sometimes you just need a little help in providing that outlet of opportunity. My goal, was to shine the light of happiness down on the masses (whatever mass that may be).


Considering the event was going to be during “happy hour”, which if you think about it, most people that go to happy hours don’t look very happy, at least when they first arrive. Whether drowning out their sorrows, de-stressing from a rough day at the office, or just trying to forget whatever unhappy thing is bothering them, it usually takes more than an hour to fix these problems.   That was NOT the type of happy hour I wanted to have!

Inspired by Pharrell’s “Because I’m Happy” music revolution, I envisioned singing happy people, wearing crazy happy hats, and having a happy good time!   Yeah, I know, a bit of happy overload…..but is it really? I didn’t thinks so, and hence the “I’m So Happy” Hour was born! Guests were invited to come happy, with hats, and to bring other happy people with them.   In the weeks leading up to the event, I posted inspirational quotes and pictures, as motivation for people to embark on their own quest for happiness.

PhotoGrid_1397452163899   PhotoGrid_1397451964561

The scene was set, I put on my happy face and replica of Pharrell’s happy hat, and waited. So did it work? Were the people happy?


Happiness isn’t tangible. It can’t be measured, quantified, or surveyed, BUT you can see it, feel it, want it, and choose it.   Each guests walked through the door embracing a “happiness is the truth” mindset, and because of that we all saw, felt, wanted, and chose to do just that…………HAPPY!

For more information on future H.I.S Incorporated events, be sure to LIKE the  H.I.S Incorporated Facebook  page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @hisincorporated.

Sex and the City – Ladies Day Out Volume III – Savory Selections: Wit & Wisdom


In the words of Virginia Woolf, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. Each “Sex and the City: Ladies Day Out” (LDO) dining experience, whether breakfast, dinner, or brunch, is intended to stimulate and delight each of your five senses in an environment intriguing in sight, with socializing sounds, and scrumptous scents, which evoke a culinary temptation to touch and tantalize your tongue.

This LDO restaurant selection has a name most fitting for the diverse and multi-generational group of women attending.  For a group like ours, dining at a spot named “Wit & Wisdom” seems to perfectly blend in with the life experiences and personal stories of these lovely ladies. Called a tavern, though it looks nothing of the sort, this modern American restaurant exudes a uniquely elegant ambiance most fitting for the luxury hotel it resides in.

Named in Baltimore magazine’s “50 Best Restaurants” issue as a Gold Medal winner, this Four Seasons charmer boasts large windows overlooking the harbor, gorgeous waterfront views, and streams of natural light to the dining area.  The chic lobby, breathtaking bar, and classy décor provides the perfect backdrop for rounding out this LDO weekend. Created by award-winning chef Michael Mina, Wit & Wisdom serves “comfort food with a contemporary Eastern Seaboard twist”.

The weekend brunch menu is filled with both buffet and a la carte selections ranging from Brioche French Toast, Farmer’s Market Frittata, and a Smoked Salmon Bar.  The ladies are set to enjoy a picture-perfect Sunday cuisine before indulging in an afternoon of pampering and relaxation at the Four Seasons Spa, located only an elevator ride away!

With a visually stunning layout, intimate settings, and satisfying savory selections, Wit & Wisdom receives H.I.S Incorporated’s Grade A+ rating as a designated dining venue for the upcoming LDO event. For more information on this Harbor East Baltimore restaurant, visit the restaurants website at:

A Wellness Rainshower with 21 Drops – Aromatherapy Modernized


01, 02,03, 04…..21 colorful drops ignite my spirit.  Its more than just a product, it’s a total sensory experience.  From the visually enticing bottles, inhaling the earthy, flowery, natural scents, and feeling the oils permeate your being; to speaking the included bi-lingual affirmations aloud for reassurance to your own ear .  Awww (deep breath), you can almost taste the wellness though there is nothing to ingest.

I first encountered the 21 drops product line several years ago at one of my favorite local spas, The Pearl – Modern Spa & Boutique ( located in Fulton, MD.  The Pearl always showcases amazing products, and on this visit I was introduced to my first 21 drops bottle (Invigorate – 01).  These products are 100% natural and according to the 21 drops website:

“21 Drops captures the incredible power of the purest, most effective essential oils for our therapeutic blends, empowering you to Feel Better. Be Better.”

Since then, my drops inventory has increased substantially (especially since they really work), and I’m only a few bottles away from my own personal Blackjack – having tried all 21!  Of course, there are my repeat users, I hate to call them favorites, because they all serve a specific purpose, but the Immunity – 14, De-Stress – 11, and Headache – 05  blends seem to need re-ordering more frequently than others.

These compact 8.0 ml bottles, outfitted in their own custom jackets, are quite the social trendsetters.  Easy to throw in a purse or your pocket, and utilized by inhalation or topical application, my 21 drops have shown up at work/school (Focus – 09), on the airplane (Immunity – 14), at parties (Hangover – 04 ), walks in the park (Decongest – 15), during workouts (Willpower -19), and in my dreams (Sleep -18).  These aromatherapy oils have pretty much become a permanent part of my lifestyle. When faced with a decision on what to throw in that clutch purse for a night out, or a networking mix-n-mingle, it usually boils down to:  cellphone, keys, ID, lip gloss, money, and 21 drops!

I had the pleasure of meeting 21 drops creator and visionary, Cary Caster,  last year at “The Shift – A Movement Toward Absolute Wellness”, an event hosted at The Pearl – Modern Spa & Boutique.  Cary has a degree in Botany, and studied in Europe where she received her certification as an Advanced Clinical Aromatherapist.  Her “modern approach to aromatherapy” allows a whole new generation of individuals to easily incorporate alternative therapies into their lives.

From physical ailments to unconscious thoughts of the mind, these all natural essential oil therapies cover it all.  Whatever you need, there’s a drop for that! Like a rainstorm from nature, 21 drops shower you with wellness for your mind, body, and soul.  Umbrellas not required!  As the 21 drops website states:

“Simply:  Stop. Inhale. Transform.”

To learn more about this amazing product, and to join the 21 Drops Inner Circle (for rewards, perks, and insights on new products and events) check out the 21 drops website at:   Enter “hisinc” in the coupon code at checkout to receive 15% off your first order!

India K. Robinson – Avid 21 Drops User

H.I.S Incorporated presents: “Operation Tactical Airsoft”


I love for my events to go beyond anything “normal” that one may have encountered.  I like to create experiences that people never forget, experiences that perhaps no one has or will ever experience again.  To do that, as hostess, I myself must create that experience by making it real, by playing the part, and getting into the character for whatever role I need to take on at that time.   This time it was for my event, “Operation Tactical Airsoft”.

It all began by setting the scene and putting out the call:
Calling All Agents!  Are you ready to embark on a unique adventure that tests your tactical skills in close quarters combat??   Ready to strategize with your team members in order to meet the mission objectives and defeat the enemy? Join H.I.S Incorporated for this private agent-ready adventure…let’s get “locked and …loaded”!
If that doesn’t stir up some interest, then this was not the event for you, however, I had 14 brave agents step up to the plate to embark on this new and different adventure.  What is airsoft you may ask?   Airsoft is a military simulation sport, somewhat similar in nature to paintball, where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics.   On our journey, we played out our mission at an indoor tactical airsoft arena, which provided close quarters combat using airsoft replicas in a safe and controlled environment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We arrived, signed our waivers, received our gear and equipment, and it was off to battle!   Friend against friend, husbands against wives, parents against sons/daughters.  Everyone had to choose a side, and fight the good fight!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I’m sure to some the thought of being shot by high-velocity BBs does not sound like your idea of a good time, but in our case, the pain, hollering, and battle wounds we endured made the experience “realistic” and added to the fun memories that were made.  So after games of capturing the flag, team domination, and kill confirmed, all agents walked away victorious in some way.  We all lived to see another day.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           To see some of the action, check out the six part video series on “Operation Tactical Airsoft” by subscribing on YouTube:

Providing Grade A+ Experiences…..And Much More!