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EXCITING NEWS: H.I.S Incorporated Expands Travel Services

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I am very excited to announce that India K. Robinson, H.I.S Incorporated is now an independently contracted Travel Agent with Colesville Travel. Colesville Travel is a full-service travel company with a reputation for excellence in providing the ultimate in value and personal attention for over 15 years. Impressed with my passion for travel and events, combined with my years of experience and dedicated clients, Colesville Travel extended me an opportunity to be a part of their elite team of agents.

What does this mean?
In addition to the already “Grade A+ experiences” the H.I.S Incorporated brand is known for, this business arrangement gives me access to expanded resources, networks, and partnerships within the travel & leisure industry, that will allow me to truly provide that “and much more” to my clients and take H.I.S Incorporated to the next level.

The H.I.S Incorporated standards of quality and service have not changed. As an “independent” travel agent, I still have the freedom to design travel packages and events with the creative vision you have grown to love. From “Great Escapes” to “Ladies Day Out” rest assured that all H.I.S Incorporated sponsored events will provide you with those same memorable experiences to last a lifetime.

If you’ve missed out in the past on various H.I.S Incorporated sponsored events, perhaps due to scheduling, budget, etc., you no longer have to wait for me to plan the “next big thing”. Subsequently, I will also advertise and be your main point of contact for various trips and getaways hosted by Colesville Travel which I feel may be of interest to my client base. These expanded travel services may include NYC bus trips, music festivals, cruises, and international destinations. This allows for more trips and getaways to be offered throughout the year, and more opportunities for you to find one that fits your schedule and budget!

What other services do you provide?
From island beach getaways, all-inclusive resorts, luxury destinations, spa retreats, winter wonderlands, exotic international locations, family trips, girlfriend’s getaways, group travel, couples retreats, escorted and guided tours, adventurous activities, etc., be sure to contact India K. Robinson, H.I.S Incorporated for all your travel arrangements. I’ll work with you to plan an amazing vacation to fit your needs.

How can I contact you?
Please email any travel inquiries to:

To stay “in the know” for future trips, local travel, event photos, travel and product reviews, etc., be sure to LIKE my page on Facebook at: FOLLOW me on Twitter/Instagram: @hisincorporated. SUBSCRIBE to India K. Robinson on YouTube.

I’m also in the process of redesigning my website, so be on the lookout for a website re-launch!

Anything else?
A special “THANK YOU” to all of those that have supported H.I.S Incorporated in the past, and those who continue to support my events and trips. I am excited to enter into this new era and take this passion in what I do to the next level!! I invite you all to come take the journey with me!

Best Regards,
India K. Robinson, H.I.S Incorporated


Pen, Paper, Tablet: Finding My Creative Soul in a Digital World



As I walked around the spa boutique, restocking on favorite products, looking for current sales, and eyeballing newly featured items, I stumbled upon a simple hardbound book.  There was nothing fancy about it, in fact the cover reminded me of a brown paper bag.  But an orange thought bubble graced the cover with the words “THE NEXT BIG THING.” floating inside of it.   Curious, I opened the cover only to find endless blank unruled pages on the inside.   One could imagine it to be a mystical book, like those in the fairy tales and movies where the book once contained pages of lost sacred text, secret memoirs, or magic spells that suddenly vanish or become invisible until the truth-seeker finds a way to decode the mysteries that lie within.  As I looked beyond the canvas of white, I noticed each right-sided page contained a vertical quote in the far right margin. I guessed it must be of some famous philosopher, artist, or great mind, to inspire or motivate you as you filled the pages with “the next big thing”.    I closed the cover back and assured myself I didn’t need a book of blank pages.  After all, with the latest and greatest technology that’s out there, and my own recent purchase of a hybrid laptop/tablet machine, I could just swype, type, touch, and digitize all my thoughts into this virtual notebook…. right?   With the right software and a digitizer pen, I could simulate pen to paper, have unlimited blank pages, an organized virtual notebook of thoughts, and immediate access to the internet for research, and social media for thought sharing, all at the same time….right?   


I opened the book again, and instantly a wave of creative thoughts filled my mind on things I wanted to write on those pages.   Ideas that could never catch a virus, accidently get erased, or be the victim of a hacker or unwanted advertisements.  Blank pages that would always be there for me… faster than your fastest upload, data connection, or any other technical specification.   This book and these pages would stay fully charged indefinitely…using only the power emitting from my own being to remain alive.      

The book spoke to me, no it didn’t talk, it didn’t have to say a word, but my creative soul heard the inaudible whispers and understood perfectly.  Don’t get me wrong, I love technology as much as the next person. and actually consider myself fairly “tech-savvy”, but in less than 2 minutes, standing in a spa boutique, I reflected on the origins of all my poetry, unique ideas, aha-moments, reflections, goals, plans, and manifestations that have graced countless once blank pages throughout my lifetime.  My creative soul has shined on the back of napkins, colored post-it notes, inside spiral notebooks, or within the margins of recycled printer paper.  My creative soul speaks through the pen to the paper.  Like a foreign or alien language, incoherent and incomprehensible to one who gazes upon it, yet a crystal clear translation to the intended receiver.   It was my medium, my tool, my safe and unfailing place to serve as my landing pad before launching into a full-scale digital execution.   It needed me and I needed it.

I picked up the book, carefully tucked it under my arm as I repositioned the other products I was holding in my hand, and headed to the register.   My creative soul was ready for the NEXT BIG THING.


India K. Robinson

H.I.S Incorporated Wishes You a Happy New Year! A Year Of “Grade A+ Experiences”.

Last year H.I.S Incorporated hosted two Mix-n-Mingle events, Deep Creek: The Great Escape, and Skyfall: Covert Operations in Las Vegas. 2014…It’s going to be a great year, so get ready!!

Excited to see what H.I.S Incorporated has in store for 2014?? Currently working on two events: 1) “Sex & the City” – Ladies Day Out Volume III in April and 2) A tropical getaway in November (location soon to be announced). There will also be another DMVC5 Mix-n-Mingle sometime in the spring for all those that like that American Muscle, and may have a few other local events, spa visits, and quick getaways throughout the year!! If your particularly interested in more details about an upcoming event, would like to suggest a H.I.S Inc. sponsored event idea, or would like to hire H.I.S Incorporated to plan your next event/trip, let me know by leaving a comment below!!

Don’t forget to follow @hisincorporated on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, be sure to check out the FB page: to stay up-to-date on travel tips, local events, spa reviews, and upcoming H.I.S Incorporated events.

The Wonderful World of H.I.S Inc.

Hey World!

I’m taking my social media to the next level!   I’ve already made a mark on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, now it’s time to do what comes naturally and just WRITE!!   I welcome you to join me on this new adventure and to share in my journeys!  Your liable to find anything from travel tips, spa reviews, book recommendations, budget advice, secret missions, holistic or metaphysical topics, random rants, or insight into the mastermind of my next event.   So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!