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H.I.S Incorporated Wishes You a Happy New Year! A Year Of “Grade A+ Experiences”.

Last year H.I.S Incorporated hosted two Mix-n-Mingle events, Deep Creek: The Great Escape, and Skyfall: Covert Operations in Las Vegas. 2014…It’s going to be a great year, so get ready!!

Excited to see what H.I.S Incorporated has in store for 2014?? Currently working on two events: 1) “Sex & the City” – Ladies Day Out Volume III in April and 2) A tropical getaway in November (location soon to be announced). There will also be another DMVC5 Mix-n-Mingle sometime in the spring for all those that like that American Muscle, and may have a few other local events, spa visits, and quick getaways throughout the year!! If your particularly interested in more details about an upcoming event, would like to suggest a H.I.S Inc. sponsored event idea, or would like to hire H.I.S Incorporated to plan your next event/trip, let me know by leaving a comment below!!

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The Wonderful World of H.I.S Inc.

Hey World!

I’m taking my social media to the next level!   I’ve already made a mark on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, now it’s time to do what comes naturally and just WRITE!!   I welcome you to join me on this new adventure and to share in my journeys!  Your liable to find anything from travel tips, spa reviews, book recommendations, budget advice, secret missions, holistic or metaphysical topics, random rants, or insight into the mastermind of my next event.   So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!