All the Buzz: JMPankey Partners SpaHive Mastermind


If you haven’t tried a JMPankey Partners SpaHive event, you should!  The SpaHive team brought with them expert speakers, engaging attendees, and personable sponsors at this intimate gathering, which took place on December 3, 2018, at the beautiful Lansdowne Resort & Spa in Leesburg, VA.  As a first time Spa Hiver, I didn’t know what to expect, but my expectations were far exceeded.

Let’s recap and discuss Confession of a Spa Bunny’s Top 5 Favorites about the SpaHive Mastermind & Pop-Up Boutique:

Favorite #1 – Death to the PowerPoint

Ever been to a training event, conference, or educational session, only to be underwhelmed by PowerPoint slide, after slide, after slide?  Well, there wasn’t any at SpaHive, not one single PowerPoint slide!  It becomes such a common thing, that I walked in the room and thought, “Where’s the projection screen?”.  As the morning kicked off, and the power speakers took their place at the podium, it was evident that screens and scripts were not needed, nor were they missed.

Powerhouse speaker and founder of Savor Beauty + Spa and creator of the Savor Life Planner, Angela Jia Kim talked about “The Surprising Secrets to Success” and how she went from “pubic hair queen to facial queen.” Yes, you read that right, had to be at SpaHive to hear the full story!  I will however, share Angela’s five secrets to success:

  1. If you find your passion and your why, you will never get tired.

  2. Your biggest challenge is usually saying yes to your next growth and evolution opportunity.

  3. Find a way to serve and become excellent at it.

  4. If you are in a challenging situation, you are a student of it and you need to learn that lesson.

  5. Self-care is so much more than massages and manicures – it’s an action for which your future self will thank you. True self-care will lead you to success.

Angela Jia Kim – Savor Beauty + Spa

SpaHivers left informed and ready to start applying  the social media and marketing tips that Danielle Hale Scott of Hawkins International Public Relations gave during her “How to Power Up Your PR Strategy” discussion. Can you answer these three (3) questions about your business that Danielle challenged us with?

  1. What you do?
  2. How you do it?
  3. Why you do it?

Attendees learned the importance of creating a public image for your brand that is trustworthy, how podcast are a new and emerging market that allows people to tell their stories without editing them, and received handy guides on the best times for social media postings.

Favorite #2 – Movement & Meditation

What better way to keep your mind fresh and energy up by not sitting all day at an all day event!  There was movement throughout the day, whether through guided exercises, table swaps to mastermind, or strolling the pop-up boutique.

We changed our energy and started the JMPankey Partners SpaHive event off with EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique tapping and a series of high frequency movement exercises both in the morning and after lunch. Bob Baxter of The Wellness Factor and Helios Health Products, captivated our attention and energy as he reminded us: “We are beings of frequency, nothing more. We have the power to CTD- Change the Direction.”

Bob Baxter – The Wellness Factor

It was interesting to see how the energy in the room changed as we were first instructed to walk around the room with no expression, no talking, only eye contact.  The next wave of walking we were to smile and offer a cordial greeting to people we past. Lastly. we walked around and pretended we just saw a best friend that we haven’t seen in 15 years.  By the time we finished, a once quiet and serious room changed to one filled with joy and laughter. Bob shared with us the High Five (Trust, Gentleness, Kindness, Courage, and Love) and the Low Five (Grief, Anger, Fear, Hate, and Doubt) of life’s experience and journey.

The SpaHive Mastermind event closed out the day on a high note with a centering guided meditation led by Dr. Ajay Tejasvi, President Shankara Naturals. He challenged us to ask ourselves “What is it that holds us back from giving your best?” We steadied our breathing, relaxed our minds, and brought balance to each of our energy centers. Participants reported feeling calm, relaxed, and peaceful at the conclusion of the meditation. Dr. Tejasvi reminded us that “When we make decisions from this state of mind, we seldom regret them later.” Let that one sit with you for a moment.

Favorite #3 – Self-Fueled Engagement

Spa industry professionals came to learn and share their expertise and experiences with each other.  SpaHive created an environment to openly receive and give.

Mastermind Break-Out Sessions

The only thing we didn’t have enough of was time! Attendees were actively engaged and open to knowledge sharing, as real problems were discussed and viable solutions given during the tabletop conversations. Attendees were self-motivated to learn, make inquiries, and participate in the mastermind process. SpaHive host Julie Pankey kept us on track and on time with her tibetan singing bowl stop watch!

Favorite #4 – Expert Sharing

Great minds don’t think alike.  That’s the beauty of the SpaHive expert panel sharing advice from different perspectives.  There is not a one size fit all approach to business or leadership.

SpaHive Power Panel

The HR expert power panel had an honest conversation about staffing in a community style discussion format.  Moderated by  Barry Eichner from Lipgloss + Aftershave, the panel consisted of Julie Pankey of JMPankey Partners, Kate Mearns from LIVunLtd, Stephanie Rest with WE Wellness & Education, and Efraim Saltzman of Zeel.

With the influx of job openings for service providers in the spa industry, the panel shared their expert tips and advice for interviewing, training, and onboarding. The SpaHive attendees also actively engaged in the conversation to share best practices within their own businesses. Here are a few takeaways from the experts:

On Interviewing:
“Set up the expectations during the interview process” – Kate Mearns

Favorite Interview Question:
“What do you do for fun?” – Efraim Saltzman

“Have you ever gone to a party by yourself?” – Barry Eichner

“Show them the bathroom and give them a buddy” – Stephanie Rest

On Training:
“Have a detailed training checklist, as you cannot rely ever on common sense.” – Julie Pankey


Favorite #5 – Interactive Sponsors & Pop-Up Boutique


An impressive line-up of sponsors composed the on-site pop-up boutique.  What a great mix of high quality brands from skincare, aromatherapy, luxury robes, candles, body butters, wellness products, and everything in between. These vendors showed up and showed out during the Pop-Up Boutique and also participated in the mastermind sessions to share their industry knowledge and expertise, bringing their own skill set and relatable stories to the conversation. The vendors were friendly, personable, and not pushy.  The focus was on educating about their products versus selling.  Everyone walked away with an impressive array of SpaHive spa swag.

I can’t possibly capture all the amazing things that happened at the Leesburg SpaHive event, but I tried to highlight the most memorable moments in the video below.  Learn more about upcoming JMPankey Partners events at


India K. Robinson, “Confessions of a Spa Bunny”






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