“Confessions of a Spa Bunny” – Confessions from Costa Rica: In-Villa Services with Spa Holis


Pure Vida!   That’s the most appropriate beginning to start of my first spa bunny “confessions” from Costa Rica.   My weeklong escape to this country left me awe-struck and inspired by its natural beauty.    I wanted to immerse myself in nature and take in all the rainforest had to offer.  Not only did I find solace, serenity, and nourishment for my soul amongst the sights and sounds of the trees, animals, and ocean, but somehow the beach waves, lush greenery, and refreshing vibes also resided within the Manuel Antonio spa scene as well.

I had plans, plans for a”spa bunny” spa birthday party as I celebrated another year of life in a setting that felt so alive.   I engaged in dialogue with the dedicated staff at Spa Holis, aka Holis Wellness Center, well before my arrival to seek their assistance in executing my vision.


With a menu of services that covered your basics and beyond, I confess I was committed to fitting in more than one experience with Spa Holis during my visit.   The first encounter, they were the ones who visited.  Offering in-villa spa services, the two lovely ladies, Dilana and Ambar, arrived promptly and with a professional ensemble of massage tables, and freshly blended botanicals for the holistic treatments me and my party guests were scheduled to partake in.


After a morning of zip lining, waterfall rappelling, and other rainforest adventures, I was really looking forward to my treatment line-up for the afternoon: a Muddy Buddy Body Treatment, 2-hour Total Body Awareness Massage and Essenthya Deluxe Facial .   Me and one of my guests sipped tea and chatted as we awaited our turn. The two therapists had already started the Totally Unplugged four-handed massage for another friend, on the villa’s open-air deck.


With a scenic set-up in the villa’s Master’s suite, even the monkeys wanted to get in on the birthday fun.   Using Thermal Mud sourced from the base of Costa Rica’s Arenal volcano, I was covered in the warm clay-like mineral and gently wrapped to allow the detoxifying benefits to marinate.  A series of organic cleansers, masks, and moisturizers were painted and soothingly massaged on my face, releasing that lingering frown of tension from my brow.  After a shower rinsed off the mud, and revealed newly nourished skin, my treatments concluded with a carefully crafted massage that combined Deep Tissue Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Thai Massage, and Acupressure.


Needless to say, if you haven’t figured it out by now, the party was a great success.  The therapists disappeared as quietly as they came, and we continued the night in a state of relaxed bliss over conversation and reflection at the dinner table.

My next encounter with Spa Holis happened a few days thereafter, when I got the opportunity to meet the founder, Evelina Bolognini, and visit their tranquil sanctuary and state-of-the-art yoga studio.

Click here to learn more about my experience at the Holis Wellness Center in the next Confessions of a Spa Bunny “confessions” segment from Costa Rica!


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