H.I.S Incorporated and Digital Crane Photography Partner to Create a “Ladies Day Out” Masterpiece!

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For “Sex and the City – Ladies Day Out Volume III”, H.I.S Incorporated is stepping things up a notch.  With an already artistic, timeless, and historic setting with the events Charm City – Baltimore, MD location, and with the “Charm School Prep” and “Animal Print” style themes that will outline our fashion footprint, it only made sense to collaborate with another creative mind to manifest a masterpiece event.

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There is something about the eye of an artist, a true artist, that inspires and motivates through their works of art. In the age of high-tech mobile gadgets, quick flick uploads, digital filters, and on-demand imagery, I’m not quickly or easily impressed by “professional” postings.   But, I must admit, my mindset changed once I viewed the work of Digital Crane Photography, whose still images took me to a place far away from the superficial world we live in today and made me feel like I was observing living authentic art in motion.

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Digital Crane Photography (aka Dizzy Crane) speaks to you and connects you to the subject and environment in a way that typically I have not experienced when viewing the works of other photographers.  My imagination and visions began running wild, my decision was made. I knew this was something destined from the universe;  to place my Grade A+ experience under Dizzy Crane’s lens……OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!

Originally from the DMV area, Dizzy currently works as a professional photographer in New York City.  Dizzy says his philosophy is: ” to create unique and vibrant images that capture the essence of my subject.  My work is dedicated to art, beauty, creativity, and innovation”. Despite initially picking up photography as a hobby, his talent and experience is clearly reflected in the passion he puts into his work.

256457_10152450780425454_2009154542_o 555822_10152757390195454_962560939_n

Dizzy Crane’s images ignites feelings of self-confidence, independence, sisterhood, joyfulness, invincibility, sophistication, and love.   In each and every image I’ve viewed, his photography captures the essence of women in a classy yet sexy way that explores and successfully reflects all facets of the mind, body, and soul.  This simplistic yet effective approach blends perfectly with the “Sex & the City:  Ladies Day Out” theme, and will uniquely highlight the dynamics of this multi-generational group of ladies, each very unique in their personality and style.

Though we’ve been able to capture some great pictures and videos from previous LDO events, this raises the bar.  I’m confident this collaboration will result in the creation of epic masterpieces that will freeze the sands of time, and generate beautiful visual images of  emotions and memories typically only held and cherished within the depths of your mind.

H.I.S Incorporated…Ladies Day Out… Digital Crane Photography….A Masterpiece in the Making!


View Digital Crane Photography’s amazing work at:  http://digitalcranephotography.tumblr.com/

Follow on Instagram at:  @dizzycrane

For Inquires or Bookings:  DigitalCrane@gmail.com (tell him India from H.I.S Incorporated sent you)


Stay up to date on all H.I.S Incorporated events and postings at: http://facebook.com/hisincorporated

Follow on Twitter/Instagram: @hisincorporated

For Inquiries or Bookings:  hisincorporated@gmail.com












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