H.I.S Incorporated Wishes You a Happy New Year! A Year Of “Grade A+ Experiences”.

Last year H.I.S Incorporated hosted two Mix-n-Mingle events, Deep Creek: The Great Escape, and Skyfall: Covert Operations in Las Vegas. 2014…It’s going to be a great year, so get ready!!

Excited to see what H.I.S Incorporated has in store for 2014?? Currently working on two events: 1) “Sex & the City” – Ladies Day Out Volume III in April and 2) A tropical getaway in November (location soon to be announced). There will also be another DMVC5 Mix-n-Mingle sometime in the spring for all those that like that American Muscle, and may have a few other local events, spa visits, and quick getaways throughout the year!! If your particularly interested in more details about an upcoming event, would like to suggest a H.I.S Inc. sponsored event idea, or would like to hire H.I.S Incorporated to plan your next event/trip, let me know by leaving a comment below!!

Don’t forget to follow @hisincorporated on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, be sure to check out the FB page: http://www.facebook.com/hisincorporated/ to stay up-to-date on travel tips, local events, spa reviews, and upcoming H.I.S Incorporated events.

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